About Us

Comfy Fluent was born in 2021 and is run by myself - Dora - with the occasional help from my family and benevolent friends.

With a degree in Philosophy & Journalism, five years in PR and Events, some other years in customer service, lingerie luxury retail and nearly a decade of parenting, I’ve decided to put to work all my transferable skills gained over the years and founded Comfy Fluent.


Comfy Fluent is a very small Dublin based online shop that stocks comfy clothing made out of soft and easy to wear fabrics with a focus on sustainable fabrics.

We don’t believe in ‘’no pain, no gain’’ in order to feel great while wearing clothes that you love.

We believe in inclusivity, acceptance and unrestricted love for colours and prints.


The Fluent bit in our name signifies our aim in understanding what comfy means for each of our customers and to consistently bring in fashion that speaks our customers language.


This is BIG for us. Sustainability is at the heart of our business and it influences every decision we make.

We carefully research for suppliers that have similar values with us and we look at fabrics that are breathable and feel great on the skin: organic cotton, the natural derived viscoses like bamboo, EcoVero™ or SeaCell and natural fabrics like linen or hemp.

We also look at our suppliers’ best practices in terms of supply chain, workers living wages and a proven attitude towards sustainability activism.

We try and avoid plastic in our packaging and our orders are sent out in recyclable cardboard boxes.


Our offering include two Irish brands, Polly and Andy, who specializes in bamboo socks and Chocolatey Clare who produces delicious dairy-free and vegan chocolate.

Stay tuned as exciting new Irish designed and produced clothing and other products are coming your way.


We hope you enjoy your visit here and we are grateful for your support.


Dora x